Working With Breakpoints

In you can create your own custom breakpoint using the breakpoint predicate editor. A breakpoint is a special mechanism which will put the proxy into interception mode for the request that match the specification.

Step 1

Click on the Add Breakpoint button - This action will open the breakpoint predicate editor.

Screenshot 01

Step 2

Configure the breakpoint - Select the properties of the breakpoint. Set the breakpoint name. Breakpoints with the same name are allowed. Press the save button.

Screenshot 02

Step 3

Switch on the breakpoint - You can toggle the breakpoint by clicking on the button next to the breakpoint name. Disabled breakpoints will not intercept requests.

Screenshot 03

Step 4

Edit the breakpoint - You can edit the breakpoint by double-clicking on its name.

Screenshot 04

Step 5

Delete the breakpoint - Delete the breakpoint by clicking on the "Delete Breakpoint" button.

Screenshot 05