Working With Captures

By default will record every single request that passes through it. Generally, this is good idea although if you set it as the system proxy, you will soon realize that this is not very convenient. Traffic from iCal, Mail and other tools will be also recorded when you just need the traffic from Safari, for example.

In order to avoid this situation you can use the Captures. This is a built-in mechanism to enable you to specify which sessions you would like to record. Sessions that do not match your configuration will not be recorded.

To start using Captures follow the steps bellow.

Step 1

Click on the Add Capture button - This action will open the capture predicate editor.

Screenshot 01

Step 2

Configure the capture - Select the properties of the capture. Set the capture name. Captures with the same name are allowed. Press the save button.

Screenshot 02

Step 3

Switch on the capture - You can toggle the capture by clicking on the button next to the capture name. Disabled captures will not trigger the filter. All sessions will be recorded if no captures are enabled. If at least one capture is enabled, than only the requests matching the criteria will be recorded.

Screenshot 03

Step 4

Edit the capture - You can edit the capture by double-clicking on its name.

Screenshot 04

Step 5

Delete the capture - Delete the capture by clicking on the "Delete Capture" button.

Screenshot 05